TF Recipes #6 – Curry On Toast

The last TF Recipes post put me off doing any more for a long time. Or so I thought! The Corona Virus then came along and so, with the fear of using up all of my saved-up material, I decided to pad things out do another toast taste test which was inspired by an ex-colleague who told me he’d had this ahead of a pay day when he was running very low of both funds and food supplies.

Star Wars bobble heads are optional!

With a weekend lockdown on the cards, the supermarket shelves empty and my wife at work I was left with a fairly limited choice the other day. Just wanting something to focus on other than the likes of YouTube and Twitter, I thought it might be fun to cook up a storm in the kitchen at the Tokyo Fox Global Operations Centre so decided to see if my former co-workers recipe actually was any good!

Here are the four basic steps to follow for making this authentic (?) Japanese dish……

Step One: Having assembled your ingredients, put one or two slices of bread into the toaster for 2-3 mins. Meanwhile, make your curry sauce in the saucepan or if you’re really lazy then just heat it up in the microwave. Guess which method I chose!

Step Two: Spread butter on the toast (if desired) followed by the curry sauce which actually looks like it could be chocolate spread from afar! You might want to put less on than I did but I just wanted to use up all the curry.

Step Three: Add some grated cheese because, well just because most things taste better when covered in it!

Step Four: A knife and fork will probably be needed for this dish à la British staple beans-on-toast. Put some curry-on-toast in your mouth, eat and enjoy!!

But what did it taste like I hear you ask. Only one way to find out!!

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