TF Recipes #4 – Wasabi On Toast

Following on from such legendary Tokyo Fox dishes as Natto on toast, Sashimi on toast and Miso on toast it’s time to up the ante a bit and so, in association with the mysterious Neil’s Meals blog, we bring you wasabi-on-toast….as well as a few other bonus wasabi-on-toast creations!e.

Thinking it might be too much for one person to handle, I invited Neil (a.k.a. Batman from last Halloween’s events) over to the Tokyo Fox Global Operations Centre to share the pain not that it was quite on the scale of things done in shows like ‘Jackass‘ or ‘Dirty Sanchez‘!!

Unlike Jean Reno in the 2001 movie ‘Wasabi‘ it really is not possible to just eat the root of this green-coloured Japanese plant without your eyes watering and your nasal passages burning. A daily dose of 5g of this notoriously spicy condiment supposedly provides anti-ageing effects. However, throughout this session we polished off the whole 43g tube between us! Of course grated wasabi would be more veritable but that’s way more expensive so we settled for the cheapest ingredients we could find!

With a backing track featuring our mutual friend’s band ‘The Mootekkis‘ we got down to work and here are the four basic steps to follow to make this authentic (?) Japanese dish……

Step One: Assemble your ingredients and put one or two slices of bread into the toaster for 2-3 mins.

IMG_4695  IMG_4696

Step Two: Use a knife to spread butter on the toast (if desired) followed by a light spreading of wasabi. Be aware that just the slightest blob of it offers quite a kick if eaten all at once. Phallic shaped designs are optional!!

IMG_4698  IMG_4699

Step Three: Put the wasabi-on-toast back into the toaster for 1-2 minutes extra.

IMG_4700  IMG_4701

Step Four: Put the wasabi-on-toast in your mouth, eat it and wait for the inevitable punch to hit you!

IMG_4703  IMG_4716

Bonus: That was just the starting point as we began to let our combined creative juices flow as melted cheese and wasabi on toast followed next and the two actually seem to compliment each other quite well….though you may not think that by the look on my face at times!!

IMG_4735  IMG_4739  IMG_4760  IMG_4765

After that, it was chocolate and wasabi on toast which brought about an end to my 33 day abstinence from chocolate (bread too actually!) but you’ve gotta live your life a bit and put personal stuff like that to the side in aid of such culinary experiments! The wasabi could barely be tasted due to the excessive amount of melted chocolate covering it!

IMG_4776  IMG_4781  IMG_4787  IMG_4791

As we’d bought an 8 slice packet of bread we decided we may as well finish it off and probably took things a bit too far with a baked Kit-Kat and wasabi on toast with Neil being a real man and suffering for the arts as he ate the creation without spreading the wasabi around as is the sensible option!

IMG_4800  IMG_4801

But what did they all taste like I hear you ask. Only one way to find out!!

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