Izu Coastal Adventures; Mountains, Beaches, Lakes, Parks, Bridges, Temples, Food, Dogs, Football, Abandoned Ruins & Chainsaws!!

It’s pretty much par for the course these days that every time we get a holiday we go to Izu. My wifes parents and dog aren’t always there but they were on this particular visit. The dogs are probably the main focus of the trips, and it can take its toll on you at times!


It’s always so cute to see the dogs sleeping (their choice!) in such small places when they have far bigger and comfortable options available to them!


One day we took the dogs to Ippeki-ko Lake but ended up just taking them round the  smaller Numa-ike Lake which is over the road, and a less busier place.

Another early morning was spent at a rather secluded part of the Jogasaki Coastline.

There is always a bit of time to do some other things without the dogs though and that same afternoon I returned to the area albeit just a little further down the coast as I went off on my own to find the lesser known suspension bridge. There are two suspension bridges in Izu with the Kadowakitsuri one being the more famous but 4.5 kilometres south of that is the Hashidate Suspension Bridge.


It’s not all play when we’re in Izu though as there is a fair bit of work to do around the house and garden. The majority of that is of course not blog-worthy but maybe using a chainsaw to cut some branches blocking light coming into the house is! Maybe! Of course the shot below was staged after I had finished wreaking havoc!

A couple of days later and I had the whole day to myself as I headed north to Numazu for the day. The first stop was a restaurant called Numazu Burger which has some very rare local burger specialties.

Mount Fuji was looking might fine that day from Numazu Port where I also saw the 30 metre high View-O Water Gate which is one of the largest of its kind in Japan


The main reason for going to Numazu was to see a J3 football match between Azul Claro Numazu and Nagano Parceiro at the Shizuoka Ashitaka Athletic Stadium.

I managed to get out on another afternoon by myself and the first stop was lion rock which actually takes a fair bit of effort to get to. Access is really not so easy whether it be on foot or even by car!

On the way to see that rock I had noticed the abandoned Okawa Grand Hotel so I had a bit of a poke round that place to catch a glimpse of a world that time has forgot.


Kappanotera Seisoku-ji Temple followed after that a bit further down the coast in Kawazu.

Our final morning was spent down at Kawana Beach which is nice enough but certainly won’t be featured in any lists of beautiful beaches. It’s a pleasant, quiet place to take the dogs and enjoy some relaxing time whilst listening to the sound of the waves.


This particular trip to Izu concluded with a family trip to a hot spring bath. I didn’t get a clear photo but there was an English sign saying the following:

“Person having tatoo, a gangster, having drunken, have accompanying pet is strictly not allowed to enter the facility”

Yet another example of a place (and this is no low-budget local business!) not bothering to have the English checked by someone who knows the language fluently! Would a gangster entering the building turn around and leave after seeing that sign?!!

These hot spring baths in Izu Kogen are a modern complex littered with all manner of amenities akin to what you’d expect to find in a hotel. And more! The indoor and outdoor pools also include individual pot pools as well as the chance to put clay mud on your body and let it improve your skin.

Our time there was immediately followed by a rather expensive dinner next door at Izukogen Beer Umaimondokoro where we had some big sushi bowls. Appearance was probably better than the actual taste. It was ok but nothing so special.


There was time for a quick stop at a beach we’ve never been to in Atami en-route to the station as we departed Izu and headed back to regular life in Tokyo.

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