Cold Lemon Ramen, A Ghibli-Like Temple, Local Green Cola, Video Cassette Tapes, Spicy Chicken McNuggets & An Awe-Inspiring Sea Cave


It may have been the rainy season on this particular visit to the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture but there was thankfully very little wet weather and so we could enjoy a relaxing week at the house with a couple of side-trips included too.

Staying in the countryside is a far cry from our urban life in Tokyo with all the convenience that it offers. There’s not that much to do at times so eating out becomes something of an event. This Seotouchi lemon ramen (below) was a cold noodle dish and very refreshing in the summer heat. We did have a hot version of this in Ikebukuro a few years back which I probably preferred but this one was pretty good too.

Even though the beef-bowl chain Sukiya is dotted all around Japan we only ever seem to dine out there when we go to Izu which is basically down to the restaurant options being rather limited. Eating out here is now something of a holiday tradition!

The very first morning was one I was expecting to just be the usual trip to Komuroyama Park but my wife was interested in seeing Oe-in Temple so we went there by train. This secluded temple really had something of a Ghibli feel to it due to the mossy green carpet and the eerie nature of the place which seemed relatively untouched by humans.


A refreshing bottle of green Shizuoka cola (below) was a rich reward for the effort we had to make in getting to that temple by a mix of walking and train trip.

The inevitable trip to Komuroyama Park did of course happen a day or two later on a sunny morning when Mount Fuji could be seen in the distance. You may need to look closely at the first picture below to see it in the distance.


It was so hot that we had to basically shower the dog every time we came across a tap!


This particular trip to Izu may well have been the first time I never went to the top of the mountain.

The dogs new place to chill was on the kotatsu table which traditionalists will not be happy with but presumably it was cooler for him on there rather than on his cushions.


Every trip to my parents-in-law’s house in Izu involves a day or two of housework and/or gardening. This time we tried to throw out some of the unncessary junk which has accumulated over time in the house. How many other homes still have unused VHS tapes in them? Well this one doesn’t anymore after I dumped half a dozen of them!

This vending machine often has different fruits and vegetables in it depending on the season. I’ve never bought anything from it but almost always go to see what is on sale there. I’m not even sure what this was!! Can anyone enlighten me?


The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly my journey down south to finally see the awe-inspiring Ryugu Sea Cave next to Toji Beach in Shimoda. It wasn’t just the cave as I also did some thrill-seeking sand sledding and you can see the video of that here.


Whilst I waited for the train back up the coast I went to McDonalds to chill. I’m no stranger to the place but it’s very rare that I buy a meal there as I’m not so interested in having the fries or drink. I bought a Big Mac meal set for the first time in many, many years, and that was followed by a foot spa outside of the station.


A day or two later and I was back at the Golden Arches to try their “spicy” Chicken McNuggets but they proved to be something of a disappointment!

It’s always a little sad to have to leave and take the bullet train back to Tokyo but we are lucky in knowing that it’s never too long before we return to Izu.

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