A Bridge Too Far? Not This One As It’s Just A 60 Minute Hike From The More Famous Bridge In Izu!

If you’ve ever seen the end of ‘Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom‘ (1984) then you’ll know that suspension bridges can provide great fun and excitement with an element of danger too. Keep on reading to see if a similar incident happened to me on this adventure to see “the other” suspension bridge in Izu!!

This is Kadowakitsuri Suspension Bridge but there is a similar one a bit further down the coast

Many people visiting the Izu-Hantō Peninsula go to see the rugged coastline of Jogasaki which features some short hiking routes, a lighthouse and a suspension Bridge. It is a place I have visited numerous times but I never realised until quite recently that there was another one relatively nearby. They are approximately 4.5 kilometres apart.

The opportunity to see it came at the start of May when I had an afternoon to myself and took the train down the coast from our base in Ito City. I alighted at Izu-Ōkawa  Station on the Izu Kyūkō Line and followed the route provided by Google Maps for locating Lion Rock. However, if you read the lion rock post you’ll know that that didn’t turn out to plan on this particular day although I did get to see it at the second attempt a few days later.

The original plan had been to see the animal rock formation and then continue on foot to see the suspension bridge whilst taking in some nice views. These waterfall views (below) were seen very early into my hike.

What followed was then basically a long 90 minute walk to see a bridge!! Madness really but sometimes these things happen, and it was still quite nice to just be completely alone with my thoughts (and some fine coastal views!) as I hardly saw anyone until I reached my destination.


I hadn’t been walking for too long when I saw a sign saying I was in Ito City which took me by surprise as I never quite realised the reach of that city. Lush green vegetation surrounded me on all sides and it really was far more impressive to the naked eye.


It was a long way of getting to the bridge location but when I got there I couldn’t see any sign of it. Luckily, there was a lady living nearby who saw me and pointed me in the right direction which was an unmarked path behind that white post in the picture below.

Google Maps takes you to this point & there is a footpath behind that white post!

A short walk through the woods and I could see the bridge. There was a choice of direction to go into but no sign to say which was the correct route. I assumed that they both ended up at the same place so headed to the right and a few minutes later I reached my goal.

Was it worth all the effort? Probably not to be fair but that’s not the point! It was more about just getting out and exploring. Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan and this  probably was an example of that regarding the failure to see lion rock and then having to walk for such a long time. It all turned out well in the end though and the bridge was fine as I mostly had it all to myself which isn’t always the case at the other one.


Hashidate Suspension Bridge is 60 metres long and 18 metres in height with a capacity of 20 people but there was no danger of that being exceeded on this particular afternoon! The surrounding area is less impressive than the one further up the coast but it is a good alternative if you want to do one that is more off the beaten track.


Beneath the bridge are some fairly steep steps leading down to the rocky Oyodo Koyodo which offers a much closer and better view of the coastline.


There were more lovely coastal views as I made my way back to the nearest station.


It was a 20 minute walk back to Izu-Kogen Station which is something of a rarity on this line as it’s actually staffed, has a tourist information centre as well as many souvenir shops and so on.

That wasn’t actually the only time I was on the Jogasaki Coast as early that same morning my wife and father-in-law took the dogs to a more famous part of it.

We parked at Izu Oceanic Park Diving Centre and strolled casually going past Renchakuji Temple to some of the more secluded parts of the coastline.


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