The Tooth Of The Matter

Last December I wrote an entry called Menace Tooth Society about some tooth pains I had and having just re-read that article it was quite a surprise as I didn’t remember hardly anything about the visit to the dentist. Anyway, whilst doing the TESOL course earlier in the year I began to occasionally feel unbearably sharp pains in my teeth on the left side of my mouth. It felt like a tooth (for I didn’t know which one was the problem) was just being bottomed out and these aches came and went within an hour or two and repeated every two or three weeks up until last month including one horrible night of pain at Luke Skywalker’s home in Tunisia. That was nothing to do with Darth Vader using his dark side powers on me for staying at a Jedi’s home!

On Saturday afternoon on the 29th of August the tooth pain started but this time it just didn’t stop. I took painkillers and had to wait till the following Tuesday to see my dentist for an emergency appointment. Things moved a lot faster than I had expected as I had an x-ray and he pointed out the problematic wisdom tooth in the top of my mouth which was pulled out fairly quickly. I could even hear the cracking, crunching sound as this was done but obviously felt nothing as the anesthetic worked its magic.

There was a bit of blood and a huge hole left behind which felt a bit strange for the next few days but a load of painkillers had been prescribed to ease that pain and now I am just waiting for the hole to close up. Hopefully, that is the end of the matter. This is the tooth that was extracted though (maybe thankfully!) it can’t be seen so clearly.

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