There’s Now An Apple Vending Machine In Tokyo

Last August I told you about the banana vending machine in Shibuya and now there is a machine dispensing apples. Not just normal apples though like I saw in Italy last year but cut-up apples in a bag. The machine is near the B1 and B3 exits of Kasumigaseki station in Tokyo and each pack costs 190 yen.

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3 Responses to There’s Now An Apple Vending Machine In Tokyo

  1. Jerry Manitopyes says:

    Hey, your site is pretty kakkoii! lol I remember the banana vending machine in 渋谷駅 because I used to browse in that little bookstore, where right outside along the cirridor is the banana vending machine…it was funny bc me and my friend were about to jump on the den-en-toshi line to head home and she was like ” hey, do u want to see something cool?” ..i said ” like what?”. ” watch, you’ll see” so as we came close to the the bookstore..”you’re not talking about the banana machine are you?” i asked…she suddenly became bright eyed..”yes! Isnt it very awesome!” she said…i kinda laughed abd and was slightly amused as to how japanese react to “new” and “innovative” things and ideas lol…but, informative site u have here..keep it up!

    • tokyofox says:

      thanks for your comment and nice words about the site. I am always keeping my eyes out for interesting vending machines. Have never actually seen anyone buy bananas or sliced apples from their respective vending machines and its hard to imagine anyone doing so but I guess they do otherwise they wouldn’t have survived so long

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