Hiroshima 2016-17 Pt II: Away Days

Miyajima-guchi station is the gateway to Miyajima and it’s World Heritage listed Itsukushima Shrine. Almost everyone arriving at the station is about to visit the island but not Tokyo Fox though! One likes to do things differently and so I headed in the opposite direction on a fairly lengthy walk up into the hills just to see the exterior of an intriguing looking building which I’d read about in a magazine.

img_0797  img_0788

When I arrived at Itsukaichi Station that morning my idea was to go eastwards towards the city but then I changed my mind completely. 12 minutes later I was at my destination station and set off on a forty minute journey to see the bizarrely named Seen Grove Museum In Sea (below) which is some kind of wood art museum though I can’t confirm that for sure!

img_0796  img_0791

It was renewed in September 2005, is owned by some kind of religious cult and can supposedly be viewed from the aforementioned shrine on Miyajima. Despite having been to the island numerous times I’ve never actually visited the shrine as the line of visitors waiting to enter is just always so long. It is believed that, when looking through the floating torii gate, you can see this strange white building in the distance.

There are three golden buddha’s on the roof looking down on you but despite the slightly quirky exterior the inside is fairly normal looking. Next to the building was a giant white stone rabbit in front of what was a big tree not that you can really tell from my photo!

img_0795  img_0792

Back in the city I stopped off at Shin-Hakushima station (below) where I realised the Astram Line station was quite a cool looking example of modern architecture. Unlike Tokyo, many of the stations in Hiroshima have comfortable seats for passengers to wait on which is one of those simple pleasures in life often missing in the capital where seats in just about any public spaces are very rare.

img_0801  img_0798

That wasn’t the only excursion during our week in Hiroshima for there were a few more short trips to break things up a bit as there’s only so long you can just sit around at home eating, drinking, napping, watching TV and so on. At the start of our trip I went with my wife and mother-in-law to Hiroshima Festival Outlet Marina Hop (below) which is apparently a bit of a fading outlet mall complex that continues amidst constant speculation that it may close down one day.

img_0754  img_0755  img_0756  img_0759

It was quite deserted when we went there but in fairness that may have been due to the date (December 30th) we went there.

img_0760  img_0764

After a refreshment break in a dog cafe (above) we took Momiji for a bit of a walk and ended up on a beach (below) which we had all to ourselves. The dream for many people but as you can imagine in December it was far from being anything like beach weather!

img_0768  img_0769

A few days into 2017 and we visited a popular hot spring bath in Yuki town which was nice and shows how far I’ve come these last few years in terms of accepting this part of Japanese culture as almost normal now. At the back of the baths was a short walking trail alongside the river offering some lovely views of the surrounding mountains.

img_0870  img_0872

The day before that we returned to Gokurakuji-yama (below) which roughly translates as heaven temple mountain and is a place we have visited a few times now with my first time being in 2014. It also gave us the chance to engage in the custom that is known as hatsumode (symbolic first visit of the year) which pretty much every Japanese person does on January 1st or shortly after that.

img_0847  img_0848  img_0849  img_0850

The main reason for going was not that though as it was all about giving Momiji a different place to explore and she was in her element there racing about like there was no tomorrow.

img_0852  img_0853  img_0854  img_0855  img_0857  img_0858

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