TF Top 10……Things To Do In Hiroshima City Once You’ve Done The Big Two!

Visit the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park & Museum. ✅

Take a day trip to Miyajima. ✅


So what do you do in Hiroshima when you’ve done those two things? Well most tourists return to Osaka/Kyoto and/or Tokyo. However, some stay for an extra day or two and they are the lucky ones for there really is more to this great city than the main two!

Whilst there are so many things out there on the net about what to see, do and eat in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto there isn’t so much about Hiroshima city beyond the usual stuff about the A-Bomb dome and the floating torii gate at Miyajima. Now I certainly wouldn’t suggest first-timers to Hiroshima do any of these instead of the other two but if you’ve got a bit more time then consider checking out some of these places which are listed in no particular order…

1. Mitaki Temple – Wabi-sabi style paths take you through this charming complex situated in a heavily forested valley on the side of Mount Mitaki. The name of the place is derived from the three (mi) waterfalls (taki) flowing within the grounds and the water is itself dedicated to the victims of the A-bomb on that fateful day in August, 1945. It houses a stone memorial dedicated to the victims of Auschwitz during World War II. The inscription refers to the symbolic connection between the atrocities of Auschwitz and Hiroshima which it hopes will never be repeated. More details here


2. Hiroshima-jo Castle and Shukkei-en Gardens – The castle is arguably the third most famous site in Hiroshima and is worth checking out but next door to it lies a hidden gem by way of the gardens with the highlight being the stone arch bridge in the centre. More details here


3. Mazda Stadium and the Red Lawson – The locals are all very proud of their Hiroshima heritage and it seems like everyone is a fan of the city’s baseball team Hiroshima Carp. Even the nearby convenience store chain has altered their signage to blend in more with the clubs colours. More details here and here


4. Gokurakuji-yama – Mount Misen on Miyajima gets all the adulation but this mountain, lying just a couple of kilometres north of Hatsukaichi Station, is a wonderful place. It roughly translates as heaven temple mountain and is a tranquil and peaceful area with a serene lake too. More details here


5. Seen Grove Museum In Sea – It’s not easy to get to but this interesting-looking building is worth a slight detour if you’ve got time before or after the inevitable Miyajima trip. It’s owned by some kind of religious cult and can supposedly be viewed from the aforementioned shrine on Miyajima. It is believed that, when looking through the floating torii gate, you can see this strange white building in the distance with three golden buddha’s on the roof. More details here


6. Edion Stadium – The football team Hiroshima Sanfrecce live very much in the shadows of the baseball team despite being the more successful of the two until recent years. The stadium is a bit of a pain to get to, and is also at the end of a very expensive line but it’s worth the effort as it seems like the good times are returning to a club who have been champions three times in the last six seasons. More details here


7. WoodEgg Building – The most famous Hiroshima dish to sample is of course okonomiyaki, a pancake-type dish containing many ingredients which, unlike its Osaka counterpart, uses noodles too. This cool-looking building is the factory where its sauce is made but more importantly you can do a cookery class for making the iconic dish here as well. Hopefully yours will look better than mine did! Mind you, it’s hard to tell when covered in so much sauce! More details here


8. Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail – Exit the northern side of JR Hiroshima Station, look up to the mountains and you should see a white stupor sticking out through the trees. That is the destination of this hiking course which takes you up through a few temples and shrines as well as some lovely greenery. More details here


9. Hijiyama Park – This spacious park is not so far away from the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park & Museum. It features the Museum of Contemporary Art, a Skywalk, a free sculpture garden and some decent city-views of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea. Like many places, the cherry blossom season is when it’s at its peak. More details here


10. Misasa Shrine and Hosenbo Temple – These two places are home to trees that survived exposure to the atomic bombing of 6th August, 1945. There are actually 170 remaining A-bombed trees within an approximate two kilometre radius of the hypo-center which is quite remarkable given that it was said that nothing would grow in the area for 75 years after the war. More details here


Bonus: Mazda Museum – I’m still yet to go there myself yet but my sister and her family have and they enjoyed it. There is one tour a day in English at 10:00 am (the Japanese one is at 13:30) and it lasts approximately 90 minutes.


Bonus EXTRA: Pizza SELF Vending Machine – Japan’s only self servicing pizza machine offers two flavours; margherita or four cheese. More details here


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