Cosplaying At Tokyo ComicCon 2017


This year was the first time I wasn’t sure what costume to wear and indeed I actually took a couple with me (Jawa and X-Wing pilot) but ended up sticking to just one as the whole process of getting through the crowds, going upstairs and dealing with all the procedure was far too troublesome to consider a change half way through the day or whatever. I did consider wearing my piggy-back fox costume (worn at Halloween this year) but it’s not so easy to take in a bag and I also felt it didn’t quite fit in with the pop culture theme……not that that stopped some people!!

In the last post on Tokyo Fox I covered the convention in terms of the artists and the exhibits but this one is all about the cosplaying which saw Neil and myself team up for the first time since last years convention. I played safe by starting off with the X-Wing fighter pilot costume complete with lightsaber which many say makes no sense but there was actually one moment during the Battle of Hoth scenes (on 32 minutes) in ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ (1980) where Luke used the lightsaber to attack an AT-AT whilst wearing the orange coloured outfit.


This year it was 1000 yen to cosplay which took me a bit by surprise as it was double last years price. It did include a changing room and baggage storage too so it wasn’t the worst of deals but I really don’t want to be paying too much for such a thing in the future. Maybe just arriving in costume without any bags is the solution!

As with last year, Robert of Tokyo Saber Guild was the first person I saw as I was on my way to meet up with Neil who had arrived earlier in the day. Having met up with him I was then taken aback a bit when a guy came up to me on the floor and said “I know you, you’re Tokyo Fox aren’t you!” Fame and recognition at last!!

There were hundreds of fantastic costumes being sported all around the convention centre and of course I couldn’t photograph all of them but, Star Wars costumes aside, the ones I liked a lot were of Two-Face (below) and a family of Ghostbusters.


The next load of photos are all Star Wars related featuring a cute little ewok, a risque slave Leia, a giant Chewbacca (he’s on stilts!), Vader, Captain Phasma, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren and a load of those ubiquitous stormtroopers.


As a big fan of the animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ it was nice to see a couple of costumes from that (below) such as Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Ghost (spaceship) crew, and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. They were both part of the 501st Legion (an international fan-based organisation) and I had some good conversations with a couple of its members throughout the day.


It’s always the female cosplayers (below) that get the most attention and some of them are even professional. Check out the following group of pictures!


It’s no longer just photographs that one has to pose for as there were a fair few YouTubers and/or videographers who wanted to film the many, many cosplayers, usually with them saying something un-original like “Tokyo ComicCon” each time! I took part in a few of these which have no doubt ended up on the cutting room floor! No videos here though, just photographs! A picture is still apparently worth a thousand words, so with that in mind here is the final batch of cosplayer photos.


Last years event taught me that it doesn’t really matter who the guests are at such events as it’s the cosplayers which really help make such an event so enjoyable for many. Bring on Tokyo ComicCon 2018!

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