Berlin Filming Locations: The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

The second film in the Bourne trilogy begins in Goa (India) where Bourne (Matt Damon) and Marie (Franka Potente) are lying low. After that its mostly Berlin all the way albeit in a variety of guises as the German capital fills in for Naples, Munich, Amsterdam and Moscow.

Berlin makes its first appearance on 6 mins in The Bourne Supremacyby way of the Kantstrasse/Hardenbergstrasse junction next to Zoologischer Garten Station (below) which is where a deal is struck to expose the mole within the CIA but Russian agent Kirill sabotages it as he tries to frame Jason Bourne.


Kirill reports to Yuri (his control) at Motel Avus (below) at 51 Halenseestrasse.


Over the road from that is the ICC at Messedamm and the parking area beneath that doubles up as ‘Moscow’ Airport where they meet each other after 19 mins.


Nearby, at the northern entrance to the Berlin Exhibition Grounds at Messedamm 22 is the ‘Naples’ custom office where Bourne is held on his return to Europe


Next up on 35 mins is ‘Amsterdam’ but of course its Berlin and Walter-Benjamin-Platz in particular where Nicky (Julia Stiles) is found by Ward Abbott.


Bourne arrives in the German capital at Berlin Oestbahnhof (below) on 45 mins and walks past a souvenir shop inside the station.


He then puts his bag into the exact same locker pictured below in exchange for another bag he’d been keeping in there.


Its in this station that he phones a few hotels in the name of tracking down US agent Pamela Landy (Joan Allen). Before he tails her, he crosses the Oberbaumbruecke (below) on 46 mins which featured prominantly inRun Lola Runfeaturing his co-star Franka Potente as can be seen in ‘Berlin Pt II’.


The Westin Grand (below) is the luxury hotel where Landy is staying.


Bourne cleverly finds out at reception on 46 mins that she is staying in room 235.


He then watches her leave from his position on the 4th floor and then takes the stairs down and goes through the hotels revolving doors where he gets in a taxi and follows her to the CIA hub where he makes a phonecall to her whilst watching from a nearby rooftop.


Alexanderplatz (below) plays host to the next round of events in the movie after 53 mins. Bourne arranges to meet Nicky under the Weltzeituhr (world clock) on Alexanderstrasse amid a student demonstration.


The next location is over in West Berlin at Hotel Brecker (at Kurfurstendamm 288) where Bourne has flashbacks of his disastrous first mission to kill Russian politician Neski in room 645. I knew the hotel didn’t exist but wanted to find the building but, after a long walk, all I found was a pile of rubble as the place had been demolished.


Friedrichstrasse station provides some of the films most exciting scenes on 69 mins (in a movie jam-packed with action) when the police chase Bourne up some steps, over the bridge and on to the platform. Unlike most other films the train doors don’t magically close as soon as he gets on but he does use efficient German timing to his advantage in order to make his escape. He jumps across the track seen below narrowly avoiding an oncoming train and then he hops on over the bridge onto a slow riverboat, hooks himself back on to the brdige and hauls himself up and gets back on the train he’d originally intended to take. Classic!


After this, Bourne takes the train to Moscow on 81 mins. The ‘Moscow’ disco, where Yuri finds Kirill and informs his that Bourne is still alive, is of course in Berlin. It’s the aptly named Cafe Moskau on Karl Marx Allee 34 although we don’t see the front of it in the movie. Instead, the Kino International complex across the road is seen from under the cafe on 81 mins.


The ‘Moscow’ street where Bourne arrives by taxi on 83 mins in search of Neski’s daughter is actually Scharrenstrasse (below) near Spittelmarkt U-Bahn station.


On foot he turns into Friedrichsgracht (below).


He walks under a bridge and is shot by Kirill next to the river below which was frozen over when I was there. Kirill is temporarily arrested before a car chase ensues.


As well as actual Moscow this car chase was also filmed in Berlin with perhaps the most notable part being the final crash at the Potsdamer Platz exit of Tiergarten Tunnel (below) on 93 mins.


You can see my Bourne Identity & Bourne Ultimatum location photos here & here.

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  16. Rich Wright. says:

    You are living my dream. I hope before I die, ‘and I’m pretty old’. I can go to the film locations, also hope to stay in the hotels from the Sumpremacy.
    As jealous as I am, thank you so very much for taking the time to post these photos and information.. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your site/

  17. tokyofox says:

    hey there Rich. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Much appreciated and I may have to use part of your comment as a quote at the top of my site similar to what films do on their dvd covers! Really loved doing the Bourne locations as they are proper locations rather than just being the usual tourist traps which most films tend to use.

    • pooky50 says:

      Please, feel free to use any comments I make in any way you wish..To be part of this site in any way would be an honor for me,
      I have been for years obsessed with looking at film locations. Even if only on the Internet. Hopefully someday I will be able to do as you have done..

    • Rich Wright says:

      Please, feel free to use any comments from me in any way you wish. It would be my honor to be part of this site even in such a small way..
      I have had a near addiction to looking at film locations, especially films such as the Bourne series, Ronin and the MI series

  18. Rich Wright says:

    that was Rich Wright, not Pooky50, sorry

  19. Rich says:

    I won’t embarrass you with my usual barrage of compliments, although they are much dissevered because of the pleasure and fulfillment I get from sharing your adventures.
    In you vast encyclopedia of knowledge, do you have information as to where the cast of The Bourne Supremacy stayed while filming in Berlin area?
    I read every email and follow every link in every email that you send to me. What an adventure !!!

    • tokyofox says:

      hey there Rich
      thanks for your flattery as always. Sadly I have to disappoint you regarding your enquiry. I would guess (based solely on the fact that they shot there) that the cast stayed at the hotel where Landy stayed in the film…………or maybe even at Franka’s house………..or maybe I really have no idea and am just clutching at vague straws!!

      • Rich says:

        Thanks for the response. I’m never disappointed by your posts. More excitement is only a mouse click away..
        If you’re ever in the States, I live in a little town in Massachusetts, about 3 hours from NYC.
        Be happy to treat you and yours to a meal at one of the restaurants with great food that we try to keep secret.
        A small price to pay for the excitement and pleasure you have given me here.
        stay safe !

      • tokyofox says:

        thats very kind of you Rich and be aware that I will definitely hold you to that offer if I’m ever in your neck of the woods.

      • Rich says:

        Please do take my offer… It would be my pleasure to do something for you in return for the countless hours of enjoyment that you have given me with your posts. Then I can tell you in person how jealous I am…lol

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  24. Troy in Las Vegas says:

    Berlin is an amazing city. I hope to get a chance to visit there again.
    Nice coverage in this post.

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  28. kaydee says:

    Hi, I found your information on Bourne Supr….
    Some more facts: (I was in Security Team as film set took place)
    Hotel Brecker was just a fake – there was never a real hotel in Berlin. The crew took a location what was not used and built a whole hotel-set inside. It was “House Cumberland” at Kurfürstendamm 193-194 which was used as “Oberfinanzdirektion Berlin” until 2003. There also were some rooms for other sets inside this building, like the CIA-conference room.

    BTW: moscow supermarket was also in Berlin (former “Minimal” supermarket at Germaniastraße, Berlin-Tempelhof)

  29. Mark Welter says:

    I’ve visited Berlin several times and have been through most of the shooting locations of the Bourne Supremacy. I often stayed with German friends that live in the building next to the scene (Fischerinsel) where Krill shot Bourne. I get a kick out of walking past that area every time I go to the Spittelmarkt U-Bahn station.

  30. tokyofox says:

    Yeah thats pretty cool Mark. I really enjoyed wandering around that area of Berlin

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