TF Recipes #3 – Natto On Toast

No sooner had Tokyo Fox wrapped up the last TF Recipes entry and thoughts turned to what the next specialities could be. Natto (fermented soy beans) had been chosen and, what do you know, but within a few weeks those scamps at RocketNews24 had published an article detailing pretty much the same thing albeit with a hint of honey and some sesame seeds added.

Natto is the one Japanese dish which can meet resistance from foreigners and Japanese alike due to its smell. On top of that its also incredibly sticky and stringy but its very healthy as its packed with nutrients. Maybe its just my nose but I really can’t notice its supposed powerful aroma. I’ve developed quite a taste for natto in recent months and often eaten it at breakfast along with tofu and either okura or cucumber.

Ever desperate to try out some new dishes of mixed fusion we tried natto-on-toast with honey butter which was more down to the fact that the normal butter ran out rather than trying to replicate something similar to what that “other website” did.

If you thought the previous two Japanese toast specialities were a bit complicated with a massive five instructions to follow then fear not as natto-on-toast only has the four steps!! Follow them to make this authentic (?) Japanese dish…

Step One: Assemble your ingredients and put one or two slices of bread into the toaster for 2-3 mins.

IMG_4276  IMG_4277

Step Two: Use a knife to spread butter on the toast (if desired) followed by the honey butter.

IMG_4278  IMG_4279

Step Three: Take the natto and whisk it up with chopsticks or a fork until its bubbling and frothy. Then add it to the toast and it should look like something like this.

IMG_4280  IMG_4281

Step Four: Put the natto-on-toast in your mouth and eat it.

IMG_4282  IMG_4283

But what did it taste like I hear you ask. Only one way to find out!!

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