Dinosaurs + Amazing Drinking Water Fountain (Video) On Mt Komuro

After all the excess eating over the festive season I really felt in need of a bit of exercise and some fresh air one day so the obvious choice was the nearby Mount Komuro which is very walkable from my in-laws’ house. As it turned out, I would venture on up this mountain about half a dozen times during our two week stay in Izu.


There is the option of a chair lift to take you to the mountaintop observatory but I feel it’s a little expensive at 470 yen (presumably a return trip) and, if you’re physically able, it’s also cheating!! Mount Omuro is nearly always visible and looking good but of course it pales into comparison when there’s a clear view of the mighty Mount Fuji. My photos don’t do it justice but this park is a great place to see the sacred and spiritual 3,766 metre high mountain without the ubiquitous cables or other such eyesores in the foreground.


No so far from the top is an area called Dinosaur Space which I was completely oblivious to on my first trip up the mountain! I just thought that maybe it was given that name as it was a big enough space to house a large dinosaur or something! Anyway, I was a bit miffed and even tweeted my disappointment. It all seemed like a far cry from Kodomo-no-Mori Park in Kitashinagawa which featured in Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #6!

If I’d only walked a few metres further on (past the toilet block and some construction work) then I would’ve been treated to over a dozen gigantic dinosaurs! Fortunately, I returned to the same area the following morning with my wife and Momiji and I was made to look a fool!


That wasn’t the end of the dinosaurs though as there were a few more to be seen on the descend that takes you to the point where the chair lift begins. There is also a souvenir shop/information centre there.


We had ascended the 321 metre tall mountain via the winding path behind the white building pictured below but the Jurassic Trail led us down to the car park a different way.


The photo above shows the mountain in its full glory but on another visit I came across the phenomenon that is the ridiculously high spurting drinking water fountain which I even made a video about (including running commentary!) for the fledgling Tokyo Fox YouTube channel. Check it out below!

If you can’t see the video then here is a photo!

The two photos below show what one area of the park looks like now but…..


…the start of May each year enables you to see beautiful pink flowers during an event known as the Komuroyama Tsutsuji flower Festival (below).


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