Lock In Your Love At This Point On The Sea Of Japan Coast

The middle day of my three days in Niigata Prefecture was pretty much all railway-related in some way so I needed a bit of respite from that and that place was nearby the station which just happens to be the closest one to the sea in all of Japan.

Just a guy looking out the window in a very natural way!

That was the main reason for stopping off at Omigawa station. The modern-style architectural station building design was another but one can’t spend a couple of hours just looking round such a small station so I searched on Google Maps for things to do in the vicinity and came across one scenic spot that looked interesting.


Getting there wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped though and there was a major detour of a walk but I had the time, and it did allow some good views looking down on the station.

The first point of note along the walk was a heart-shaped poem monument of Koibito Misaki.

After about 20-25 minutes I arrived at my destination which consisted of a huge free car park, a souvenir shop and a restaurant but I was there for something else though I’m not sure why really as my wife was about 270 kilometres away! Of course, the selling point of this place is that it is for couples to visit together, declare their love for each other and then ring a bell.

Ringing the bell alone is a bit sad really!

You don’t have to visit as a couple but almost everyone else there was which did make me stick out a fair bit. Maybe I should’ve kept flashing my wedding ring to let them know that I am actually married!


This clifftop venue (open everyday between 10:00 and 16:00) has some wonderful views of the Sea of Japan and the giant red Hokuriku Expressway bridge to the rear of Omigawa station.


Known as Two Lover’s Point, this place allows partners to make a wish and write it on a heart-shaped ema (wooden placque) which is then hung close to the cliff edge.


Not only that but couples can also lock in their love by placing a mini padlock on the fence. This gimmick doesn’t come cheap though and costs a ridiculous $9/1200 yen (the heart-shaped wooden plaque is also included!) so I suggest buying one from a 100 yen shop before you go!


There is a low wooden bench for couples to sit on and enjoy the blue sky and sea before taking in sunset. If you’re lucky you may even get to see Sado Island on a clear day too! I may have been on my own on this occasion but it was a really nice vantage point with a lovely breeze on what was a sunny day. Maybe my positiveness was heightened by my need to take a little break on what had been a very busy day!


On the walk back to the station I saw a shopping mall of sorts called the Japan Sea  Fisherman’s Cape which was selling crab cola among hundreds of other more sophisticated goods and products.

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