Jogasaki Kaigan Coast


Only a matter of days after I had published all eleven of my Shizuoka-related posts from the Japanese Golden Week holiday, I was back in Izu visiting my in-laws. My wife had already been resting up there the week prior to my arrival and the plan this time was to go to Jogasaki Kaigan Coast. The weather forecast for the day was pretty bleak so we needed to go early. It was only a 15-20 minute drive from their house to the car park from where steps lead down to a variety of vantage points.


Jogasaki Coast is basically a rocky shore formed from erosion caused by the eruption of Mount Omuro about 4000 years ago which caused lava to flow into the ocean. The pathways are clearly marked and it didn’t take too long to reach Izu Shiki-no-Hana Park (no pictures!) which is located in the midst of the area and is surrounded by the sea and some ever-changing seasonal flowers.


Once in a while the ocean area opens up in front of you allowing either a scenic view or the chance to step on the rocks down by the water. There are even the occasional cracks in the ground where you can see the water deep below. Lose your footing here and you might find yourself hurtling down on a bumpy route to the sea!


The most prominent features of the area and the Kadowaki Cape Lighthouse and the suspension bridge lying just beyond it. Typically, our arrival there was inevitably greeted with some light rain so we sadly didn’t hang about as long as we’d ideally hoped. There is a 9km length hiking course along this rocky coastline with an abundance of highlights connected to nature, history and culture so I definitely hope to return to see it again, explore a bit more and experience some brighter weather.


Back at the house the rest of the day was spent just relaxing with Momiji the dog as it was too wet outside to really go anywhere. As a fairly restless person, I was quite bored by the afternoon and jumped at the chance of just going to the local mall to get some sushi for the evening meal!


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