A Turtle-y Awesome Looking Station In Okayama Prefecture

It seems that Japan has a fair few strangely unique train stations. Last August I went to a couple of really interesting-looking ones up in Aomori and Akita prefectures and this is one to rival them.

Having left Tottori in the early hours of the morning I was keen to get to Himeji (via Okayama Station) as soon as possible but when I knew I’d be passing through this unique looking station I just had to stop there and take some photos before taking the next train. That happened to be 50 minutes later which was far much longer than I ever needed but not too bad given the infrequency of trains in such parts of Japan.

Kamenoko Station lies 50 kilometres north of Okayama Station (70 minutes via the JR Tsuyama Line) but I was coming down from Tottori via Chizu and Tsuyama.


I stepped off the train and got a few shots with the train in the foreground of the station thinking that it would very soon be on its way. However, one (possibly even two!) minute later and the train was still there and I did think about getting back on board but decided that having gone to such efforts, I should complete my mission as intended and see the station properly.


For the record, the failed attempt at making it look like I was kissing the turtle (above) was taken just seconds before my train arrived so I didn’t get a second chance to try and better it. If only I’d had the idea when I first got to the station!!


This station opened in its current turtle-shaped form on 9th August 1995. For this hugely unique and interesting design, the roof is the shell and the eyes are real working clocks.


The ticket that I was on (the 4th day of my Seishun 18 kippu which began with the epic 16 hour Tokyo to Hiroshima trip via local trains only on day one) allows one to exit and enter stations so I thought I should take a look around the area but I couldn’t find a single other place that was open in this sleepy town.


These turtle statues (below) are displayed just outside the station doors whether they be the platform side or otherwise!


Inside the station building (below) is pretty nice with turtle paintings, furnishings and there are even living turtles too. Bikes can be rented and there’s a library too.


Just a short walk down the road from the station lies a similar (but less prominent) turtle-shaped building. This was the only slightly redeeming place of interest I found whilst on my walking tour of the area on this bleak, grey day.


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