London Filming Locations: Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

It’s very rare that sequels are released over five decades after the original but that is what happened with Mary Poppins back in 2018. Incedibly, it’s not actually the longest gap between films in a franchise as that record goes to the ‘Bambi‘ movies which were  64 years apart.

The original ‘Mary Poppins‘ (1964) is a much-loved classic film that many, many generations have grown up with. So much of the movie, particularly the songs, are iconic so making a sequel 54 years years later was a pretty daunting challenge for director Rob Marshall. It was never going to be as impactful as the original but I was just relieved that ‘Mary Poppins Returns‘ did a good job of continuing the magic in a story that respects and plays true to the original.

It’s a strong start with one of my favourite songs from the film on 2 minutes as loveable cockney lamplighter Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) cycles around some London sights including Tower Bridge (below) before heading west to Westminster.


Underneath the Lovely London Sky‘ is the song sung by Jack as he’s on his early morning cycle ride turning off the gas streetlights. He continues on past the Two Chairmen pub (below) on 39 Dartmouth Street in Westminster.


He then heads back east in the direction he presumably came from so the viewer can see the St Paul’s Cathedral (below). A realistic geographical route has never been a priority for filmmakers of course!

Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw) is in danger of losing his big family home so goes to a meeting with bank chairman Mr Wilkins (Colin Firth) at the Royal Exchange Building (below) in Bank on 33 minutes. The exterior appears again on 77 minutes.


In between those appearances, the children go to get a potentially valuable Royal Doulton bowl fixed on Bedfordbury (below) in Covent Garden on 66 minutes. Little did I know that the dark alleyway where Mary Poppins’ (Emily Blunt) cousin works is right next to the Thai Pot restaurant! Well, two alleyways were used but the one which they initially walk down is there!


On 76 minutes, Poppins, Jack and the kids spot Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) walking along Cowley Street (below) on the backstreets of Westminster so Jack gives her a lift. 


Poppins and the children end up getting lost on in the fog and the dark on their way home when they suddenly encounter Jack again on 83 minutes who is sitting on top of an iron gate in Devereux Court (below) at Middle Temple in the Temple complex.


The subsequent (and annoyingly catchy!) ‘Trip a Little Light Fantastic song and dance routine on 84 minutes takes place among the little squares and narrow passageways starting atop atop the wall on the west side of Middle Temple Lane.

Middle Temple is very much ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ (2006) area in my mind and that is the next locale which also featured in ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation‘ (2015).


As the film draws to a climax on 102 minutes, Buckingham Palace and King Charles Street are seen as the Leeries head to Big Ben to try and turn back time.


The Royal Exchange building (below) appears again on 107 minutes but it’s just the side view as Michael Banks uses a kite to get the attention of Mr Wilkins.


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