TF Top 10……Films Set In Japan From The 2010s

The standard of films “set” in Japan in the last ten years has overall been pretty poor and so ‘Cars 2‘ (2011), ‘47 Rōnin‘ (2013) and ‘Batman Ninja‘ (2018) all failed to make this list due to their low Tokyo Fox ratings. Hopefully, I’ve been fairly extensive and have reviewed every film set in Japan from the last decade but no doubt one or two have slipped my attention! Let me know! Usually I just list such things from 1-10 but this time it’ll be done in the traditional way counting down to that all-important number one at the bottom of this post. The tension is probably killing you so lets get started…

10. The Forest (2016) –  Read the review here

9. The Sea Of Trees (2015) –  Read the review here

8. Silence (2016) – Read the review here

7. Godzilla (2014) – Read the review here

6. Earthquake Bird (2019) – Read the review here

5. Emperor (2013) – Read the review here

4. The Wolverine (2013) – Read the review here

3. Unbroken (2014) – Read the review here

2. Hacksaw Ridge (2016) – Read the review here

1. Isle Of Dogs (2018) – Read the review here

Click here to read ‘The Complete A-Z Of Filming Locations On Tokyo Fox’

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6 Responses to TF Top 10……Films Set In Japan From The 2010s

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  3. Sam says:

    Thank you – keep these coming, please.

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