Puppy Love: A Big Welcome To Our Little Addition To The Family!

2020 has brought about big changes for so many people but even before Covid-19 reared it’s ugly head, our lives had altered due to the arrival of a new little puppy.

Our cream-coloured Chihuahua was born in mid-October last year and we got him in earlyJanuary. Whilst it certainly can’t be compared to having a new baby boy or girl, it has meant a change in lifestyle in terms of no late nights (I’m in bed before midnight without fail these days!) and definitely no lie-ins as he tends to wake us at about 5:30 am every day!

His name is マロン (Maron) as chosen by my wife which was probably a better idea than letting me name him Lester, Vardy, Fox, Yoda or whatever! When I first saw him I couldn’t believe how tiny he was. He weighed just under two kilos!


In those early days he slept in his pen both overnight and during the day (if we were at work) before eventually being trusted to spend the daytime in the living room and the nights in our bed. Six months on and he basically has free-reign of the apartment.


The first time we took him for a walk he was a little afraid of the outside world which is not too surprising really as he had been house-bound for about the first four weeks of the year. It’s been a constant exploration of a whole new world for him ever since then and he has taken us to all hidden corners of our local ward. He may be just a little fella but he certainly has a lot of power and persistently pulls me one way then the other as we go on our early morning walks.


As a bit of a biter he loves to chew on his little bones and sticks or play with his many annoyingly squeaky toys. Chihuahuas supposedly love their toys and he often amuses us with his actions, particularly when he’s walking around with a cigar-like toy in his mouth!


Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand the great feeling of being greeted so enthusiastically by their pet every time they get home. These moments are the highlight of my day and a great lift, particularly if it’s been a particularly sh*t day at work.


As the State of Emergency was declared in early April he could not believe his luck that I was at home with him pretty much all day every day. I was grateful too as just the simple things like walking him and playing with him gave me something to focus on each day and a great excuse to get out of the house.


He loves his vegetables, particularly carrots, and as soon as I take one out of the refrigerator to cut up for meals he rushes to me from wherever he is in the house. Proof that dogs senses are so switched on! Sadly he is a really fussy eater and getting him to eat his dinner, particularly the dry food, is quite an effort each mealtime.

Most of the photos are of him sleeping but given that’s what he does for most of the day it is perhaps apt. He often slept on me in those early days but that sadly doesn’t happen too much anymore. In his initial months with us he often slept under our duvet at the bottom of our bed as such darkness is what Chihuahuas perceive as their den.


The other thing he does a lot is go to the toilet but no-one wants to see pictures of that! From the start we of course had to get him trained to using the pee-mats that we have down in the house. To be fair, he’s been quite good but there have been a fair few cases of him doing his business elsewhere in the house! Suddenly, after a few months he began to cock his leg and now he can’t stop! Even a short, short walk includes over a dozen such examples!


When it comes to dogs though I know people are more interested in pictures so why write more when a picture is apparently worth a thousand words. Here are some parting shots of him post-cherry blossom season and being washed!


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