Alphabet Dating In Japan With My Wife Who Was Still Completely Unaware Of The Task At Hand! (S02E02 F-J)


Season one (as well as the prequel season zero) of alphabet dating certainly pushed the boundaries of what a “date” is, and that continues in season two with some very tenuous examples for each letter of the alphabet. For the record, doing something together (no matter what it is!) counts as a date in this series which is not always about visiting glamorous places and doing exciting things but just getting out there and exploring locations we wouldn’t normally go to. Without further ado, lets continue with the second part of season two…

F is for Back To The Future Live In Concert (July 2022)


We are both big fans of the ‘Back To The Future‘ movies plus my wife is a trained pianist so this event was an ideal one for us. It was basically the film on a big screen accompanied by a live (reimagined and reworked) soundtrack performed by the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra with an intermission about half way through. More details here

G is for Itabashi Botanical Gardens (August 2022)

We visited this area in northern Itabashi for the letter ‘Z’ during Season One of this alphabet dating series but just didn’t go in here for one reason or another. I can’t remember why but we did vow to go back and visit these botanical gardens. That moment finally came 4-5 months later and was a nice little place to spend an hour or so.

H is for Dom Dom Plus Hamburger Restaurant (August 2022)

There are a few Dom Dom burger restaurants in Japan but they are quite rare. I’m not exactly sure what Dom Dom Plus is supposed to be! Maybe a slightly more sophisticated burger restaurant than the typical fast-food ones. I had a huge fish burger which was way too big for the buns which it was sandwiched between. It was a bit messy but delightfully delicious.

I is for Tokyo International Forum (August 2022)


This place was the location for another film-related concert and this time we saw ‘La La Land‘ (2016) performed by a live orchestra conducted by Justin Hurwitz; the man who composed and orchestrated the songs and score for the movie. The movie’s original piano player Randy Kerber was present too. The appearance of these two was not something we expected at all so was a lovely bonus. More details here

J is for Japan Vs. Ireland Women’s Rugby Match (August 2022)

I was always planning to go to this match but I wasn’t really expecting my wife to accompany me. I think she just wanted to get out of the house for an evening out so we had a pre-match meal at a Thai/Nepalese/Indian restaurant. The Japanese national anthem ‘Kimigayo‘ actually brought tears to my wife’s eyes. I don’t think I’ve seen my wife ever get so excited about sport as when Japan scored two tries at the start of the second half! More details here

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